Leak-Free Warranties = Peace of Mind For Your Family

Top Of The Line Warranties

Leak-Free Warranties = Peace of Mind For Your Family

Roofing Services Now offers unparalleled quality in both labor and workmanship. We are so confident in our work that we offer leak-free warranties as a standard feature in all our roofing projects. Additionally, we guarantee exceptional quality in the installation of any products, as we never use second-hand, reused, or damaged materials in our jobs. Our roofs have never failed, and our repairs have never received a callback because we always do things right the first time. No matter the size of the job, we approach it with the same effort and honesty. Our technicians are trained and instructed on how things must be done, and we also inspect our jobs after completion to ensure they pass our quality test.

However, in the unlikely event that our work fails, let’s discuss the peace of mind we provide. A homeowner who hires Roofing Services Now for a roof repair or replacement will be protected mainly by two warranties. The first is the manufacturer’s warranty, which is provided by the manufacturer of the products we use. Each product has different warranties, and the more products we use from the same brand, the better the warranties. The second warranty is provided by Roofing Services Now and covers craftsmanship, which refers to issues that arise from poor installation. Now, let us show you what our workmanship warranties include.

Partial Roof Repairs Guaranteed For 5 Years

We guarantee roof repairs, leak repairs or work that does not include the replacement of the entire roof for 5 years. Our leak-free guarantee is a standard feature in our services and In the event that our work fails due to faulty workmanship we will deploy our repair technicians to your home ASAP to repair, or re-do the repair completely at no cost to the customer including labor and materials and it will be stated in writing on the proposal.

Shingle Roof Installation Up to Lifetime Warranty & Get $500

We offer a Leak-Free Warranty for shingle roofs. It’s simple. We build you a premium quality roof and guarantee it won’t leak. If by chance it does because of workmanship error, we will deploy our technicians and installers ASAP to mitigate additional damage and will repair or replace it again if needed at no cost to you. Plus we will pay you $500 for the inconvenience. We offer 3 different shingle roof options that can fit all budgets and each package has different warranties ranging from 2 years to Lifetime.

Metal Roofing Warranties Lifetime

When we install a metal roof, you are also covered from both ends. The manufacturer which covers defects in the quality of their metal panels to build your roof. Each manufacturer offers different warranties but in general it runs for about 20-40 years and it covers damages to the paint of the metal roof, rust, and more. On the other hand Roofing Services Now provides the other coverage which protects from a faulty installation. Our workmanship warranty for a metal roof installation is for the lifetime as long as you live in the property.

TPO, Tile, Flat, Liquid Coatings, & Other Types of Roofs

Please contact us for information regarding warranties for these other roof types, as they vary depending on the specific job.

Painting, Siding, Fences & Remodeling

For more details on warranties for painting, siding, fences, and remodeling, please reach out to us as they vary per job.

Our Warranties Are Transferable

Our roof warranties are fully transferable to a new owner in the event that you sell or gift the property to another person. Details of this are provided in writing in our proposals for your reference.

Roof Tune Up

Schedule an initial 30-point assessment and tune-up for just $99.

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