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Got Hail, Wind, or Storm Damage? We Will Help You.

Our Mission is to help you after storms strike and get your home back to pre-storm conditions. We proudly collaborate with all insurance companies in Texas to provide a seamless and easy process with your insurance claim and seeking the right coverage for the necessary repairs.

Got Hail, Wind, or Storm Damage? We Will Help You.

Our Mission is to help you after storms strike and get your home back to pre-storm conditions. We proudly collaborate with all insurance companies in Texas to provide a seamless and easy process with your insurance claim and seeking the right coverage for the necessary repairs.

Comprehensive Storm Damage Restoration Services for All Properties

We help residential customers, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, hotels, churches and everyone who’s property sustains damage after a storm.

Residential Customers

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Roof Repair San Antonio

Navigating Storm Damage Restoration

In the aftermath of a storm, the path to restoration can seem daunting. Whether your property has suffered from hail, wind, or storm damage, our expert team is here to guide you through every step of the recovery process. From residential homes to commercial buildings, apartment complexes, hotels, churches, and more, we extend our specialized services across a vast area to ensure that no one is left stranded in their time of need.

Our Coverage

We take pride in our extensive coverage area, reaching from North Austin to San Antonio and stretching all the way to the Texas Coast, encompassing all cities along the way. Our commitment to restoring storm-damaged properties drives us beyond the San Antonio greater metro area, through Austin, Corpus Christi, and the cities of the Gulf Coast. Understanding the profitability of storm restoration services, we do not hesitate to extend our reach far beyond San Antonio to assist as many as possible.

We collaborate with your Insurance Company

Navigating insurance claims can be complex and frustrating. That’s why we collaborate with all insurance companies in Texas, ensuring that your claim is processed smoothly and efficiently. No matter your insurance provider, our goal is to secure the right coverage for the necessary repairs, making the process as seamless as possible for you.

Customer Testimonial

“Luis is very professional and his communication is top notched. I had a unique situation dealing with my insurance company and Luis dealt with them on my behalf and had the patience and persistence to get the job done and have the insurance company cover the damages that needed to be fixed. Additionally, he and his team made sure that my roof was done right and ensured it was built to last with the best materials. I can’t say enough good about this “amazing” experience. Luis has my highest recommendation and wish there were more people like him doing business!”

-Google Review By Jessy W.

Based on 81 reviews
S Guerr
S Guerr
27 March 2024
Good roof repairs. Fair price. No more leaks.
Will Rhema
Will Rhema
21 March 2024
Thanks to Mr Luis and his team for the awesome performance I plan on keeping them to help me on my next projects.
Veronica Favela
Veronica Favela
11 October 2023
Thank You Luis Buitron for your communication you are very professional I love how you explain step by step the material Thank you again for helping us figure out what’s best for our house
Miriam Frey
Miriam Frey
28 September 2023
Luis was thorough and gave a great price for my clients roof. He communicated throughout. The roof looks great! Thanks for everything you did to get this house sold!
Joseph Maldonado
Joseph Maldonado
24 August 2023
Great and fast service. I had two roof vent covers come off from a recent storm. They did an excellent job and quickly came to repair.
Teri Maddox
Teri Maddox
24 July 2023
Luis and his team are great. They were respectful of our property and were done quickly. I definitely recommend.
Alejandro Abugarade
Alejandro Abugarade
1 June 2023
Luis is a professional, attentive, friendly person and the company does the work very well
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha
30 April 2023
Truly amazing team! Deserves every star and more. I cannot express how greatful we are to have come across such a great Co., team and business owner. Truly takes pride in thier wrk and I love how they focus on the costumer with multiple options to accommodate expectations & expenses. Should be rated the only Co. To use!! Idk any other Co. That can beat this one! Luis is the best!
chloe c
chloe c
25 April 2023
They're not cheap, but they were fast, professional, thorough, and quality. They came out an hour after I called, which saved my day. They were a pleasure to work with.
Based on 7 reviews
Lisa M.
Lisa M.
I contacted Roofing Services Now for an insurance claim on a new roof because of a leak due to storm damage. WOW! After assessing the roof, Luis explained the problem and provided all of the information and options for the repairs. He patiently answered ALL of my questions and concerns. Beyond the amazing customer experience, the workmanship was perfection and my roof looks incredible as a result. The entire crew was professional and thorough. They even left the property cleaner than it was when they started. The process from start to finish was zero stress and I trust and will hire Luis Buitron again for all of future needs. 100% recommend.
David S.
David S.
Roofing Services Now did a fantastic job replacing our roof this week. I originally reached out to Roofing Services Now based on great reviews of the company. I can now say that all the positive reviews are well deserved and accurate. From the initial inspection of our old roof to the final inspection of our new roof, Luis, the owner, was very informative, professional, punctual, and in constant communication throughout every step. His crew took their time to make sure every step was done right. We are very pleased with how our home looks with a brand new roof. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Luis' Roofing Services Now to my family and friends. It's great to see a company that still focuses on giving the customer the best experience possible.
Michael W.
Michael W.
We working with an insurance claim and in the process of selling a house. There were many moving parts in this situation and Luis quickly handled all of them. The roof and gutters came out perfect. He even facilitated some window vinyl repair work so that we were able to close on the house early. Total work was 4 days for both the roof and gutters. Also walked the job after and made sure all the debris was totally removed. These guys did a top notch job and took a lot of the stress out of a situation like this. So glad they were there to take care of things.
Amiris B.
Amiris B.
Luis Buitron was the only 1 that picked up the phone when I called roofers! Luis Buitron, the owner, personally came by to quote and repair my roof. Him and his crew went so far as to match my roof color so to avoid any HOA harassment upon replacing the damaged shingles. The new repair is seemless; it blends right in! Better yet, his company accepts crypto like Ethereum (ETH). He accepts Bitcoin (BTC) too btw! They were also on time. As well as, respected my COVID + Flu masking request.
Renee W.
Renee W.
Luis is very professional and his communication is top notched. I had a unique situation dealing with my insurance company and Luis dealt with them on behalf and had the patience and persistence to get the job done and have the insurance company cover the damages that needed to be fixed. Additionally, he and his team made sure that my roof was done right and ensured it was built to last with the best materials. I can't say enough good about this amazing experience. Luis has my highest recommendation and wish there were more people like him doing business!
Diego R.
Diego R.
Today I was promptly met by Luis with Roofing Services Now. I discovered a leak on both of the water heater exhaust pipes coming out of the roof. After calling Luis and explaining my discovery, on Memorial day mind you, Luis arrived right away the next day. Luis did an initial remote assessment, via drone, where I directed him to the problem area on the roof. On his way up, I asked him to do a complete visual inspection of the roof as I had found a shingle in my backyard. Luis not only fixed my current leak, but also provided me a video of the inspection I requested. Luis is very professional and I recommend him to those looking for roofing services.
Richard S.
Richard S.
Very professional! Outsanding response time and all services were explained clearly. He did an amazing and detailed report on the status of my roof. Felt very confortable during the whole process. Paying was online was super convenient! Will do bussiness again. Thank you.
Storm Damage Restoration San Antonio

What To Do If A Hail Or Wind Storm Is In The Forecast

In the event of an anticipated storm in your city, it is essential to have all emergency contacts readily available, including the contact information of close relatives and a trusted roofer. Roofing Services Now is always prepared and vigilant monitoring all storms in our areas, offering free inspections after storms. Our team is equipped to handle emergency repairs such as applying tarps to prevent leaks, boarding up windows and doors, and providing additional necessary assistance to safeguard your property. Keep our number handy.

What To Do After The Storm

The first thing after a storm is not to call your insurance company. The first step is to call your roofer to first find out if damage has occurred and whether filing a claim is required. It is important to avoid making permanent repairs such as allowing door knockers to fix damaged shingles, as this may jeopardize the approval of your claim. However, the best thing to do is to implement temporary measures like using tarps to cover damaged areas to prevent further issues.When you repair the damaged areas before the adjuster arrives you are reducing or eliminating your chances to get the damaged approved for repair by the insurance company. However, tarps or temporary measures will allow insurance adjusters to see the damage and approve your claim. If you have already filed a claim before contacting us, there’s no need to worry. We are here to provide assistance and support you throughout the process moving forward.

Roof Restoration San Antonio
Residential Roof Restoration San Antonio

Get Your Roof and Home Back to Pre-Storm Conditions in 3 Easy Steps

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us for a free multi-point home and roof inspection, at this point we also check your insurance claim for free if you have one already.
Start The Process

Start The Process

If there is sufficient damage above your insurance deductible amount we will help you with your claim. Meet with your insurance adjuster on the inspection date. However if during our inspection we determine the damage to be minor or no damage we will let you know and you can relax and do nothing.


We will work with your insurance company to get your roof and home back to pre storm conditions, schedule for the roof to be replaced and any other home improvements such as painting, solar panel removal and more to be done on time. Sit Back and Relax with Our Fast and Seamless process. That’s our promise to you because we have the experience and knowledge you need and the entire process doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

Get Your Free Downloadable Guide: 10 Easy Steps After a Storm

Storm Damage Restoration in San Antonio

Free Initial Inspection

What Does Our Free Initial Multipoint Inspection Do?

Our multipoint inspection after a storm is really key to document all the damages to your property so that we can present a strong case to the insurance company and get the claim you deserve.

First, we use the latest weather technology to determine the intensity of the storm, hail size, wind speed and more. Then we check the roof for damage to roof covering, the number and seriousness of impacts on the shingles, metal or any other roofing materials, damage to soft metals, solar panels, skylights, vents, leaks, and much much more.

We also check damage in fences, siding, windows, garage doors, window screens, personal property left outside and damaged by the storm such as grills, kids play areas and more. This report then is presented with photos, videos and a professionally done estimate for your insurance company to approve it. This is many times more complete than what they approve, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of dollars more for your home renovations.

Our Trusted Partners

Roof Tune Up

Schedule an initial 30-point assessment and tune-up for just $99.

We Handle Stuff From A-Z.

We Are Your One Stop Shop Company And Provide & These Services After A Storm.

Knowledge Is Power

Things You Should Know About Insurance Claims

What is an Adjuster?
An adjuster is an employee of the insurance company or third party contractor that is hired by your insurance company who will come out on the day of the inspection and validate whether the damage sustained by your roof or home is enough to approve a full, partial or no claim.
How do I file a Claim?

Contact us immediately and we can help you with the necessary steps to file a claim or call the 1-800 number your insurance company has dedicated exclusively to file a property claim. This number can be found easily on their website. If you can’t find it give us a call and we will help.

How much money will I get If the claim gets Approved?
If the claim is approved you will receive an amount that is equal to the cost of the repairs minus your deductible.
What Can I do if my deductible is too high?
If your insurance deductible is keeping you from completing necessary repairs after a storm because it is too high, we can offer financing options to assist you. Additionally, consider speaking with your insurance agent to explore the possibility of reducing your deductible and understanding the factors contributing to its current level.
Can I get my deductible waived ?
Absolutely not. It is your obligation to pay your deductible for all approved claims. It is now illegal in Texas under the law HB2102 for a contractor to waive, or reduce the deductible or to even suggest it. It is also illegal for the contractor to falsely increase the claim amount to make up for the unpaid deductible. Both homeowner and Contractor may be charged with the law. On the other hand you don’t want to work with a contractor who offers to do this and violate the law. Most often when they cheat the law they will also cheat on the quality of the roof for you and cut lots of corners as this is the way they operate.
Tons Of Roofers knocking on my Door?
It’s common for companies to send salespeople or doorknockers who aren’t actual roofers. While some may caution against hiring non-local companies, many reputable, professional firms provide exceptional service regardless of their location. The key is not their locality but their legitimacy and quality of work. As a homeowner, it’s crucial to thoroughly research and choose the best contractor for your home repairs, ensuring they meet the standards and quality you expect for your home repairs.
Can I get Estimates?
You can obtain estimates, but we don’t recommend doing so. Your insurance company has determined the cost to repair the damage. Your next step is to find the best company through your research and allow them to deliver the highest quality work for you. Attempting to secure estimates below the claim price equates to not paying your deductible. Furthermore, attempting to profit from a property claim is punishable by law. Property claims differ from car damage claims in that, for car damage, companies can legally waive or reduce deductibles. However, this is not permitted for property claims. In summary, allowing the roofing company to collaborate with your insurance company will lead to greater success.
Are insurance claims paid fairly?
Not always. In fact most of the claims approved by the insurance companies are underpaid. The reason is one because they train their adjusters to fight with contractors and homeowners to pay less, and second because a lot of adjusters that come into the field are new and know very little about construction and what a roof really needs. That’s where Our expert team at Roofing Services Now comes into Play. We know all the current building codes in your area, the installation requirements of the manufacturers and all the tricks insurance companies do to pay less. We will assist and collaborate with them so that you can build the roof you deserve, not the one they want to pay for.
How is my deductible amount calculated ?
Insurance companies typically determine deductible amounts by calculating a percentage of your home’s value, such as 1%, 2%, or more. In Texas, a state frequently impacted by storms, homeowners are advised to select insurance policies with the lowest possible deductibles. This strategy ensures that, in the event of a storm, which is an almost annual occurrence, your out-of-pocket expenses remain manageable, allowing the insurance company to cover the majority of the claim costs.
Is an Insurance Company really on my side?
Insurance companies, as public for-profit entities, are obligated to compensate homeowners with an amount deemed “just” and “fair” for claims. However, the interpretation of “just” and “fair” can vary significantly, depending on the perspective of the parties involved. Unfortunately, the reality is that 90% of the times insurance claims will not be settled fairly for the benefit of homeowners. To ensure your home repairs meet the quality you deserve may demand additional effort, including dedicated time for calls, a good grasp of necessary knowledge, and patience. This is where our expertise proves invaluable. We are well-versed in the nuances of the construction process and understand precisely what your home needs for a proper repair. With our guidance, homeowners can secure substantially higher claims, ensuring their repairs are thorough and without compromises. Partnering with a construction company that has both the knowledge and experience to navigate these complexities is key to achieving the best outcome for your home repairs.

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