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got roof leaks ?

Roofing Services Now .Com provides high quality shingle roof repair in San Antonio and all Bexar county. We will detect and diagnose your roof problem and repair it as soon as possible. Roof Leaks are the last sign of a neglected roof that has not been maintained properly. We recommend to have your roof professionally inspected and re-certified in order to avoid roof leaks. 

most common causes of roof leaks


Broken or Missing Shingles

Broken and missing shingles are one of the main causes of roof leaks. If you spot this problem repair them as soon as possible. We will repair it with matching color.

Exposed Nails

Old Roofs usually have lots of exposed nails that you can’t see. The caulking and sealing materials that was applied to the nails wear off due to the exposure to the elements. When this happens the nails are exposed and the roof can start leaking slowly. You will not notice damage until is too late.

Rotten Fascia Repair

The fascia gives the finishing touch and nice appeal to your home. When this gets rotten we can replace it new with matching paint included.

Roof Vents

If your roof vents are old,  damaged or obsolete they can cause costly roof leaks. Replacing them on time is important. We match the type of vent you have, paint and seal them. Roof Vents are the big round items you see on the roof. They can look also like square fixtures.

Roof Crickets

We can fix, replace or create a new roof cricket. Roof crickets are small structures behind the chimney that divert water away from the chimney base.  A cricket installation is also recommended when a chimney is more than 30 feet wide.


Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimney flashing gets rusted over time and can lead to expensive roof leaks. This is one of the most vulnerable places on the roof. We can Fix it with top quality materials.

Edge Flashing Replacement

Edge flashing is the metal strip you see along the edges of the roof. It is commonly known as Drip Edge. This material protects your fascia from rotting. If this flashing looks twisted, missing or coming apart we can replace it with like color and type. Contact us Today.

Roof Decking

Rotten roof decking happens after constant water damage and a  roof leak that wasn’t repaired on time. This is a major problem. Fix it Quickly.

Pipe Boots

Pipe boots are the flashing around the pipes that stick out of your roof. Their purpose is to ventilate the bad odors from your sinks, toilets, etc. If this flashing is damaged or not sealed properly you will have leaks that won’t be able to notice until it’s too late. We can fix it.

Wind Turbines

We can replace old, missing, broken turbines. This job includes removing old shingles around the area and repair with new Felt, new turbines and new matching shingles. All done with high quality materials and labor. Contact us today.


 Don’t see the service you need listed here? No problem. We do all types of leak repairs and shingle roof repairs in general in San Antonio.

Shingle roof repair San Antonio. Roofing services now offers roof leak repair services. call us at (210) 988-0188 for an estimate.

trusted, local and verified

Our BBB accreditation in good standing provides additional credibility to our Customers. These same values are practiced every time we do a shingle roof repair regardless of the job size. All customers deserve the same level of attention and care.

Shingle roof repair San Antonio. Roofing services now offers roof leak repair services. call us at (210) 988-0188 for an estimate.

Best Warranty

5 full Years of piece of mind. We are so confident about the quality of our repairs. This warranty covers the whole cost of the job. 

Shingle roof repair San Antonio. Roofing services now offers roof leak repair services. call us at (210) 988-0188 for an estimate.

$500 discount

When you hire us for your shingle roof repair in San Antonio we will offer a $500 credit. This credit is good for your next roof replacement with us. Valid within the next 5 years after issuance. 


We determine our price once we see the job. Request your inspection today for a shingle roof repair in San Antonio, TX and all Bexar County.

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cost of Repair Vs Replacement

Average cost of full roof replacement in San Antonio in 2018


Average cost of Shingle Roof Repair in San Antonio in 2018


$299 – $1950


What if.......

What if a repair can save you from having to replace your roof completely ? Wouldn’t that save you thousands of Dollars ?

Contact us for Professional Evaluation of your leak Repair today.

Roof Repair Vs Full Replacement



Keeping in mind the cost of a roof leak repair vs a full replacement is important when making that hard choice.  A full replacement in San Antonio and Bexar County typically costs anywhere from $6.5K to 2 or 3 times that amount. Depending on your roof size, pitch and complexity.

A problem roof sometimes can be saved from a full replacement if the damage is not widespread. Most roofers won’t provide an honest assessment when inspecting a roof. Most of the times they will recommend a full replacement over a repair. You need to contact two or three reputable roofing companies to compare their opinions and see which option really makes more sense.

At Roofing Services Now .Com we always provide honest advice and will only suggest a full roof replacement if your insurance company pays for it or if your roof is beyond repair. We are without a doubt the best Shingle Roof Repair company in San Antonio and  bexar county.

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When can you replace your roof


  • After a storm damage / Insurance Related Claim. If your area experienced storm damage and your insurance company is paying for a full replacement you must replace it completely. Doing otherwise may cause your insurance company to deny coverage for your roof or rejecting a claim in the future. You must not just repair your roof if the insurance company pays for a full replacement.
  • When the effective service life of the shingles is near the end. The effective life of a shingle roof varies depending on the type of shingles installed. For instance a roof made of 3 tab shingles should last in great shape for the first 15 years. After that it starts to deteriorate. A roof made of Architectural shingles should last longer. With proper care and maintenance a shingle roof may last you up to 25 years. Roof Leaks and lack of yearly maintenance will reduce its life. In a case such as this one you will pay the cost out of pocket. The insurance companies do not pay for wear and tear of roofs.
  • To Improve your home’s curb appeal and appearance. Other major reasons to replace a roof may be when selling a home. Replacing it at this time will increase the appeal for buyers as they will get a fresh warranty and piece of mind. In some instances homeowners also replace it to increase the curb appeal or the quality of the shingles.

Let one of our experts give you a free diagnose and evaluation of your roof condition. We will give you an honest advice whether you need or not a roof replacement or just a tune up.

RoofingServicesNow.Com provides top quality Shingle roof Repair in San Antonio and all Bexar County.