San Antonio Botanical Garden

Located in San Antonio, Texas, the San Antonio Botanical Garden is the city’s official botanical garden. This 33-acre garden is a non-profit organization. The garden features a variety of plants, including azaleas, orchids, roses, and more. The gardens also include a Sullivan Carriage House, a Lucile Halsell Conservatory, and a Family Adventure Garden. Learn more by clicking here.


Founded in 1980, the San Antonio Botanical Garden is located in the heart of the city. It features 38 acres of beautiful nature spaces and historical structures. It also hosts a variety of engaging programs, classes, and events.

The Garden’s main entrance is located in the Sullivan Carriage House. This stone structure was designed by Alfred Giles in 1896 and moved to the Garden in 1988. The building now contains offices and an event space.

In addition to its garden, the San Antonio Botanical Garden also features the Lucile Halsell Conservatory. This conservatory houses exotic plants from tropical lagoons and equatorial rainforests. It has five glasshouses filled with plants from all over the world.

The Garden is also home to the Texas Native Trail, which features plant communities indigenous to Texas. It is also home to an interactive maze that teaches the life cycle of butterflies.

The Botanical Garden also has a unique culinary garden. The Garden’s outdoor events pavilion features a professional kitchen. It is also home to a 2.5-acre Family Adventure Garden.

Lucile Halsell Conservatory

Located in the heart of San Antonio, the San Antonio Botanical Garden offers visitors a peaceful place to relax. The garden features a 38-acre area with native Texas flora and plant communities from the Hill Country and Southwest Texas. Its conservatory is composed of five glass houses linked by a central courtyard. It is an ideal venue for events and special occasions.

The Lucile Halsell Conservatory is an award-winning garden space. It has won several architectural design awards, including a Quaternario prize. It also is a preferred venue for wedding ceremonies. The conservatory is situated in the heart of a lush garden that is ideal for any event.

The conservatory was designed by Emilio Ambasz, an Argentine-born American. The design includes five glass houses, a central courtyard, and a tunnel that is 16 feet below the ground. The conservatory features a variety of plants, including tropical fruit, desert cacti, and ferns.

The conservatory also features an orchid exhibit room and a fern grotto. The conservatory has been renovated and expanded to accommodate visitors. The garden offers guided tours and a food court. Here is another spot to visit.

Family Adventure Garden

Located on Funston Place in San Antonio, the San Antonio Botanical Garden is one mile east of the Witte Museum. With 38 acres of gardens and conservatories, it’s the perfect place to take a walk, picnic, and enjoy a beautiful view of the city. There are many ways to experience the beauty of this garden, and there are special events and programs coming up this spring and summer.

The new Family Adventure Garden was designed to be an engaging space that encourages hands-on nature play. The Garden features fifteen areas that offer fun and educational opportunities for kids to explore the world around them.

The Muhly Maze is an interactive maze built from native plants that encourages physical activity and problem solving skills. The pavilion offers a space for pop-up educational programming, and it also features a water refill station. The Pavilion is also a great place for birthday parties and celebrations.

Backyard Explore is another area that encourages nature play. The natural lawn is great for toddlers, and it’s a place where little climbers can play.

Sullivan Carriage House

Located at the San Antonio Botanical Garden in Bexar County, Texas, the Sullivan Carriage House is a restaurant that features Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. This San Antonio restaurant is owned and operated by Chef Jason Dady. Dady owns two restaurants, the Alamo BBQ Co. and B&D Ice House, and is also an owner of the Tre Trattoria restaurant at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Aside from the Sullivan Carriage House, the San Antonio Botanical Garden features the Lucile Halsell Conservatory. The conservatory is partially buried in limestone. It features five greenhouses that are surrounded by a courtyard. The conservatory was designed by Emilio Ambasz.

There is also a restaurant called Anne Marie’s Carriage House Bistro. This bistro is located at the garden and is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 2pm. It also offers catering for private events. The menu includes dishes such as salads and quiches.

The building was originally built in 1896 for banker Daniel J. Sullivan. It was later moved to the garden and refurbished. It was offered to the San Antonio Botanical Society in 1987. Next blog post.



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