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Roofing Services Now is a leading roofing contractor based in San Antonio, TX providing top-notch roof inspection, roof repair, roof maintenance, roof replacement and installation services among residential and commercial property owners alike. Roofing Services Now has been the most preferred San Antonio roofing company for years. There are Jack of all trades and then there are true niche specialist. Roofing Services Now is your local roofing specialist. Contact us today!!!

Roof Repair & Maintenance Services

Roofing damage can take place at any time. In most cases, these problems result from unpredictable weather conditions, such as extreme sun exposure or wind, heavy rain, extreme temperatures, and so forth. The good news is that Roofing Services Now, your best roof repair company in San Antonio, will make sure that these problems don’t last too long! Our customers are our top priority. With top-notch workmanship and reliable products, our roof repair experts provide unmatched service. We provide roofing inspections and repairs tailored to each customer’s needs. At a price you can afford, you’ll receive the quality service you deserve. We provide quality roof inspection, roof repair, and maintenance services in San Antonio, TX, and in our other served areas. As one of the most trusted roofing repair contractors, we strive to exceed your expectations.

Roof Installation & Replacement Services

If you choose our new roof installation services, you will never have to worry about deterioration again. Invest in a new roof for your house or commercial building and increase its value. No matter if you have an existing home or new construction, our experts can assess it to determine the best roofing solution for you. As the best roof replacement company in San Antonio, TX, we offer our customers the highest quality roof replacement and installation services. Throughout the process, we provide you with complete and transparent service – we will assess the damage correctly, provide you with a detailed estimate, and replace your roof quickly, competently, and at a reasonable price. We provide quality roof replacement services in San Antonio, TX, and surrounding areas. As a reputable roofing company, we are known for our reliable roofing services and skilled workmanship. 

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Roof repairs & leak busters

Roofing Repair Company San Antonio, TX

Repairs on shingle, metal, tile and flat roofs. View full list.

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Roof inspection San Antonio

roof replacements

Roof Replacement

We help you with your claim from start to finish. Our previous customers have gotten much more out of their claims compared to other roofing companies.

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Insurance Claim

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Attic Ventilation

Most homes old and new have deficient attic ventilation. This will raise energy bills cost, cause premature roof degradation, hotter attic, roof leaks, waivy or warped roof surface. Don’t wait

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commercial roofing

Commercial Roofing Company San Antonio, TX

Your satisfaction Is our #1 Goal

TOUGH Texas weather   Requires tough roofs

Our roofs are tough and built to last. We put your satisfaction and your home’s safety as our main priority. We employ several layers of quality checks so that you get the best performing roof. 

Our roofs usually end up being the best overall system in the whole neighborhood where we install them. Roofing Services Now is the partner you need for the best bang for your buck 

We understand how frustrating it can be finding the right roofer to help you solve your roofing problems.  We have earned our great reputation by helping customers who were in your situation as well. Let us Help.



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frequently asked questions
It usually takes one full day for small to medium size roofs on average but it could vary based on factors such as weather, larger size, too many small repairs. Large size roofs may take up to 2 days

It is difficult to say without having more info about the property. Some of the Factors that are taken in consideration to determine a price are: type of materials wanted, size of roof, pitch, details or repairs needed beyond the normal replacement, rotten wood, 1 story vs 2 story and more. We can provide a free of charge and 100% accurate estimate if you contact us today

Yes, all of the documents we send can be signed digitally. No need for printing or scanning. 

Yes. We offer several options to pay online. We accept card payments, e-check, Zelle, Apple Pay, amd cryptocurrencies. Or in person payments using a personal check, cash or cashiers check.

If you own cryptocurrency and you would like to pay that way please let us know which type of coin it is and we will provide our wallet address for you to send the payment. We accept most cryptos.

Yes, if you need to do a small roof  repair, complete replacement or storm damage assessment for your home or business we can provide a free estimate ASAP 

No, We never charge any deposits or advances upon hiring us or when you accept our proposal. In most cases we collect 50% the day when we start the job and the rest upon completion.

We don’t like to be a Jack of all trades. We are highly specialized in roofing. And that works to our clients advantage knowing they got a niche expert. However in the case of an insurance claim that involves other trades like solar panel removal and reinstall, gutters, windows, fences, painting, drywall and more we use our trusted partners, and all trades will be done through our company and our company will provide the warranties for all trades. 

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