Roofing financing no down payment

100% Financing Available

Roofing Financing with no down payment is offered by Roofing Services Now to customers who don’t want to postpone their roof repairs or replacement. This process is 100 times faster and better than a bank loan. 

don’t let the lack of cash be the reason not to replace your old roof

On average, people will get approved with credit scores of 650 or higher. If your score is lower than 650 call us first to see other options available.

If you would like to use financing for your roofing or home improvement project, we can offer a no obligation payment estimate in just a few hours. We will first do an estimate on the repair’s cost of your project and then provide you with different roofing financing options. You may choose the one that best fits your situation. Best of all is your credit is not checked at this stage yet.

When you are comfortable with the payment estimate we provided, you will start your application process by phone. You will be asked about your current financial situation such as income, expenses, ownership of home, etc. This process usually takes only 10-15 minutes and the credit decision is issued on the spot. Upon approval you are ready to start planning your project details with us.
  • Using our lending partners will help you get a credit decision in 15 minutes or less compared to banks taking days or weeks
  • None or very minimal paperwork required. The bank may require to send tons of paperwork
  • No collateral required. The bank may require proof of ownership of home, vehicles and other liquid assets.
  • Government programs or grants may take weeks or months to get approved after a complicated process.
  • Flexibility to choose over several financing options. The bank will lend you the money based on one option take it or leave it.
  • Second chance options for people with credit scores as low as 550. Banks will deny you if your score is less than 650.

  • Pay for full amount with financing
  • pay partial amount with financing
  • Pay for a much higher quality roof and upgrades for only a few dollars more per month
  • Finance your insurance deductible. Don’t brake the law and the bank at the same time.
  • Finance your insurance roofing project and keep the insurance proceeds in your pocket for a rainy day.


Maria got an insurance check to replace her roof with basic materials. The amount she received was $9500. We showed her the benefits of upgrading her roof to a better type of materials that made her roof distinctive from all the neighbors’. She applied for roofing financing and got approved in 15 minutes, financed the whole project and kept the insurance money for a rainy day.

Julie received money from the insurance company to replace her roof after a storm. The total cost of the roof was $10,000. Her insurance deductible was a whopping $3500. In order to replace her roof she had to come up with the $3500 out of pocket but she didn’t have it. She applied for financing for the $3500 and got approved with a monthly payment of only $46.23 a month. 

We understand how frustrating it can be finding the right roofer to help you solve your roofing problems.  We have earned our great reputation by helping customers who were in your situation as well. Let us Help.


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