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Dont let the lack of cash be the reason to keep postponing your project

Easier and Faster than with Your Regular Bank

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Request a no obligation payment estimate before you even apply, so that you can get an idea what monthly payment you’d like to get. We will provide different roofing financing options, payments and loan types. You may choose the one that best fits your situation. Best of all, your credit is not checked at this stage yet.
If you are comfortable with the payment estimate we provided, you will start your application process by phone. This process usually takes only 10-15 minutes and the credit decision is issued on the spot. Roofing Financing Lenders are easy to work with. They require no proof of assets or hectic paperwork like the banks. No downpayment is required in most cases. Your first payment bill is sent by the lender and is due 30 -45 days after your roof replacement, roof repair or project is completed.
After your roofing financing is approved, you are ready to start planning your project with us right on the spot. We can talk about shingle or metal roof colors, designs, Color for your painting job, dates to start and all. The finance company pays us after they confirm with you that the project is fully completed and that you are satisfied with the outcome.

Easier and Faster than with Your Regular Bank

Talk to Our Specialists Now


  • Using our lending partners will help you get a credit decision in 15 minutes or less compared to banks taking days or weeks
  • None or very minimal paperwork required. The bank may require to send tons of paperwork
  • No collateral required. The bank may require proof of ownership of home, vehicles and other liquid assets.
  • Government programs or grants may take weeks or months to get approved after a complicated process.
  • Flexibility to choose over several financing options. The bank will lend you the money based on one option take it or leave it.
  • Second chance options for people with credit scores as low as 550. Banks will deny you if your score is less than 650.

Roofing financing comes handy in this cases

  • To pay only a partial amount and the rest with your money
  • When you want a better quality roof or upgrades that will make it hard out of pocket but with this financing your payment only increases a few bucks more per month.
  • When your out of pocket insurance deductible will keep you from getting the job done. Roof Financing will make it possible
  • When your insurance claim is approved and you receive the funds from the insurance company but you want to finance the project instead, while keeping the insurance cash in your pocket for a rainy day.


Maria got an insurance check to replace her roof with basic materials. The amount she received was $9500. We showed her the benefits of upgrading her roof to a better type of materials that made her roof distinctive from all the neighbors’. She applied for roofing financing and got approved in 15 minutes, financed the whole project and kept the insurance money for a rainy day.

Julie received money from the insurance company to replace her roof after a storm. The total cost of the roof was $10,000. Her insurance deductible was a whopping $3500. In order to replace her roof she had to come up with the $3500 out of pocket but she didn’t have it. She applied for financing for the $3500 and got approved with a monthly payment of only $46.23 a month.