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Easier and Faster than with Your Regular Bank

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Request a no obligation payment estimate before you even apply, so that you can get an idea what monthly payment you’d like to get. We will provide different roofing financing options, payments and loan types. You may choose the one that best fits your situation. Best of all, your credit is not checked at this stage yet.

If you are satisfied with the payment estimate we have provided, you can initiate your application process over the phone. This typically takes only 10-15 minutes, and a credit decision will be provided immediately. Roofing financing lenders are known for their ease of collaboration, as they do not require proof of assets or extensive paperwork like traditional banks. In most cases, no down payment is necessary. Your first payment bill is sent by the lender and is due 30 -45 days after your roof replacement, roof repair, or project is completed.

Once your roofing financing is approved, you can immediately begin planning your project with us. We can discuss options such as shingle or metal roof colors, designs, color choices for your painting job, and suitable start dates. The finance company will pay us only after they have confirmed with you that the project has been fully completed to your satisfaction.

Easier and Faster than with Your Regular Bank

Talk to Our Specialists Now


  • Using our lending partners will help you get a credit decision in 15 minutes or less compared to banks taking days or weeks
  • No or minimal paperwork is necessary. Unlike banks, which often require extensive documentation, our process involves significantly less paperwork.
  • No collateral is required. The bank may require proof of ownership of home, vehicles and other liquid assets.
  • Government programs or grants may take weeks or months to get approved after a complicated process.
  • We offer the flexibility to choose from multiple financing options. Unlike banks, which typically provide a single lending option with a “take it or leave it” approach, we empower you to select the option that best suits your needs and preferences.
  • We provide second chance options for individuals with credit scores as low as 550. Unlike banks, which often deny applications with scores below 650, we believe in offering opportunities to those with lower credit scores, giving them a chance to obtain the financing they need.


Roofing financing comes handy in these cases

  • You have the option to make a partial payment and cover the remaining amount with your own funds.
  • When you desire a higher quality roof or upgrades that may otherwise be financially challenging, our financing option allows you to make those improvements with only a minimal increase in your monthly payment. Instead of shouldering the entire cost out of pocket, you can enjoy the benefits of a better roof or upgrades while experiencing just a slight increase in your monthly payment.
  • When your out of pocket insurance deductible will keep you from getting the job done. Roof Financing will make it possible
  • If your insurance claim has been approved and you’ve received funds from the insurance company, but you prefer to finance the project instead, our financing option allows you to do just that. By choosing to finance the project, you can keep the insurance cash in your pocket for future needs or unexpected expenses. This provides you with the flexibility to use the insurance funds as you see fit, while still moving forward with your desired home improvement project.


Maria received an insurance check amounting to $9,500 to replace her roof with basic materials. However, after explaining the advantages of upgrading to higher-quality materials that would make her roof stand out from her neighbors’, she decided to apply for roofing financing. Within just 15 minutes, her application was approved, allowing her to finance the entire project. As a result, Maria was able to keep the insurance money for future needs, providing her with a financial safety net.

Julie received money from the insurance company to replace her roof after a storm. The total cost of the roof was $10,000. Her insurance deductible was a whopping $3500. In order to replace her roof she had to come up with the $3500 out of pocket but she didn’t have it. She applied for financing for the $3500 and got approved with a monthly payment of only $46.23 a month.