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Roofing Services Now is a leading roof repair contractor in San Antonio, TX providing top-notch roof repair and maintenance services in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.

We are here to provide the best roof repair service in San Antonio, no matter how small or big it is. From a small roof repair, or leak to a complete roof replacement, we can help.


Roof Repair 5 Year Warranty

we offer a 5 year warranty on repairs

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Our roof repair company in San Antonio can help you fix any roofing issues immediately. We will provide an inspection, diagnose, pinpoint leak location and provide a solution right on the spot. The most common roof repairs are:

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When we repair your roof, you can have the confidence that it will be done correctly the first time.

No corner cutting, ni quick fixes that don’t last. It’s a satisfaction guaranteed repair because it will be backed with an strong warranty in writing. Roofing problems most of the times happen either after a poor roofing job, a storm or wear and tear. We fix leaks and roofing issues others have not been able to. In the unlikely event we couldn’t fix it we will propose other solutions. If we fixed and it leaked again, our no questions asked 5 year warranty will have you covered. If you prefer to have your money back we provide that option as well. No other company does this. Our work speaks for itself.

When a roof leak is noticed, it is usually a problem that has been going on for weeks, months or even years? Most of the times the problem didn’t start when you noticed the leak. Water filtration is first absorbed by the roof decking, after a few rains this decking gets soaked. Now water will go straight into the insulation. This gets soaked to a point it cannot absorb water anymore. This may take several rains. Once it is soaked it will finally start showing in the ceiling. Those typical stains you see. Therefore roof leaks most of the times are an ongoing problem.  Failure to fix it ASAP may result in further damage to your attic and thousands of dollars in repairs.

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San Antonio Residential Roofing Services | Roof Repair


The front porch of this house had buckling deck due to a water leak that had not been giving any attention by the homeowner for weeks. After each rain the problem got worse and worse. Exposed nails allowed water to get into the attic and show stains in the ceiling. 


We found rotten wood, structural damage and damaged insulation. We repaired all issues and replaced the area with new shingles that matched the old ones. Postponing roof repairs can cause more damage

San Antonio Residential Roofing Services | Roof Repair


Customer had a leak in the living room. Every time it rained lots of water would pour in. We performed a free inspection and water test to pinpoint the area. The leak’s location was found and Upon tearing off the shingles we noticed the valley metal was rusted and was not replaced by the last roofers who replaced the roof just two years ago. 


We fixed it in 4 hours and roof stopped leaking. Most roofers would have just put roof cement or caulk. We don’t do quick fixes.


Roof Repair


This customer had canceled his home insurance years ago. Recently he decided to re insure his house again. The insurance requested to have certain roof repairs done first to insure the home. 


We performed a thorough roof inspection. Identified all the issues that needed repair and had them completed in one day. He was able to get accepted by the insurance company again.

We understand how frustrating it can be finding the right roofer to help you solve your roofing problems.  We have earned our great reputation by helping customers who were in your situation as well. Let us Help.



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