Top 3 Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Their Roofs

Throughout our years of experience as professional roofers, we have heard a number of common misconceptions homeowners have about roofs. These misconceptions can leave them exposed to very expensive repairs that could have been prevented on time had they been more educated about the subject.

At Roofing Services Now one of our main focus is to educate customers about their roofs so that they are better prepared than most people. Being proactive in roofing pays off.  Now, Let’s dive into it and see what those most common misconceptions are.

I don’t see any roof leaks, which means my roof is fine and I don’t need to do anything.

Out of all the misconceptions about roofing, we think this is the No. 1 or most commonly believed by home-owners. Most home-owners erroneously think that if a roof isn’t leaking, it is most likely fine. A roof that has problems most likely will not leak immediately when the problem starts. It is a slow and progressive process which culminates as leaks. When that happens, the damage inside the attic has been done.

Roof Leaks May Not Become Obvious Immediately.

For a roof leak to finally be visible inside the home, it may take time. The first stage is when the roof problem is presenting itself. Water damage usually will start to filtrate under the shingles and underlayment and go onto the roof deck. The roof deck is the wood surface usually constructed of plywood or OSB where the roofing shingles or metal is resting on. This roof deck will get soak, wet and rotten after a number of rains. This process may take weeks or months depending on how often it rains. After this deck is no longer able to absorb moisture, it will allow the water to get inside the attic and drip over the insulation. Insulation materials may be able to absorb a lot of moisture and water for a while. But if the leak continues to be undetected it will eventually destroy the insulation as well.

Damage to the insulation may also take several days of rain. Finally, after the insulation is no longer able to absorb more moisture and water, the leak will now appear right over the ceiling area. By this time it could have been weeks or months since this problem started. At this final stage is when homeowners usually call a roofer. At this stage, the cost to repair, the rotting wood deck, insulation, the roof, and the ceiling just quadrupled your expenses unnecessarily. All of these issues can be completely avoided by having the roof checked and maintained at least once a year.

What Can You Do To Avoid Unnecessary Expenses.

Be proactive, Not Reactive. At Roofing Services Now we are a big proponent of responsible roof maintenance. Roof maintenance detects and prevents problems before they even start. Our roof maintenance plans are affordable, as low as $389/year. To start first request a free consultation today. We will schedule a first inspection to determine what your roof needs. We will make sure your roof is safe by performing any necessary repairs and adjustments. All repairs, condition of roof, diagnose and process comes with photos or/and videos. Fill out a request now


We had a recent storm (hail, wind) but I don’t have any damage because I don’t see anything from the ground.

This is also one of the most mentioned misconceptions out there about roofs. Perhaps you are now laughing as you read this content because you may have thought this way in the past.

Texas is one of the most severe storm active states in the US. Hail season is usually very active from February to June or July each year with April and May as the most risky.. On the other hand hurricane season can also have a big impact on roofs. The season for hurricanes is very active in the gulf coast especially from August to October each year. After a wind- storm the most common sign of damage is missing shingles. On the other hand the most common sign of hail damage is blisters on the shingles or dents on a metal roof. However, these are just some of the signs and they are not always visible from the ground. In fact even a trained professional may not be able to notice any damage from the ground.

Who Can Spot Storm Damage On The Roof ?

Real damage can best be spotted by a professional roofer by inspecting the roof directly on the actual roof. At Roofing Services Now we do this process by taking photos of the damage and determining whether Filing an insurance claim is necessary or not. So, the most important piece of advice we can give homeowners is to call a professional roofer and have the roof professionally inspected for storm damage after a storm. Failure to do this may leave you out of warranty and unprotected. We have seen homeowners acting completely negligent about this issue. While most of their neighbors were able to claim a roof replacement through their insurance company, they didn’t get this benefit due to not requesting a professional inspection after a storm.

Don’t Take Forever to File A Property Insurance Claim, Time Is Your Enemy.

Based on the statute of time limitation of most insurance companies, you only have up to two years (in most cases) after the storm’s date to file a claim and get compensation for the damages. After that you are on your own. If you need to eventually sell your home later you’d have to pick up the expense out of pocket to replace your roof as required by the buyers. Meanwhile the deterioration of the roof accelerates after a storm very rapidly, which will leave you at risk of roof leaks. In summary: Every time there is a hail or significant wind storm, call a professional roofer as soon as possible. These inspections are usually free of charge and will give you the peace of mind you need. At Roofing Services Now we offer them at no charge. Learn more about our storm damage repair


My roof is old. My insurance company will approve me for a new roof.

Thought we had heard the worst misconceptions about roofing? Probably not. Some home-owners have not replaced their roofs in years nor have they maintained them. We have seen roofs in really bad shape, missing shingles, tarps, holes, and all sorts of things. Their roofs are as old as they can be, but they won’t replace them. They are waiting for a lottery ticket in the form of a major storm. Insurance Policies usually cover homeowners under Covered Perils only, not wear and tear, lack of maintenance or neglecting a roof.

  • Weight of snow, ice, or rain

  • Fire and smoke

  • Hail

  • Windstorms

  • Hurricanes

  • Tornadoes

  • Lightning strikes

Insurance companies do not cover for replacement of roofs that are damaged due to normal wear and tear nor if there is slow and progressive deterioration over the years due to lack of care. They may not cover roof damage caused by a storm that occurred two years prior or longer either due to a 2 year statute of limitations ( some exceptions may apply, check with your insurance company).

These kinds of scenarios require a homeowner to replace their roof out of their pocket. An insurance company may also require you to have your roof in decent shape in order to continue the coverage. On the other hand an insurance company will only pay to replace your roof if it has sustained considerable storm damage based on their guidelines. Not all storm damage is covered. It must create visible, credible, verifiable and obvious damage.

Don’t Wait For A Storm To Replace Your Roof

Some homeowners have very deteriorated roofs but are hopelessly waiting for a storm, so that the insurance company pays for it. This is a mistake because no one can predict whether your area will be hit by a storm and when. And how severe it will be in case it happens. Meanwhile, years can go by causing more and more wear and tear which will cause unnecessary repair expenses that could have otherwise been used to pay for a new roof replacement in the first place and avoid headaches for the next 20+ years.

Roof Financing Options

At Roofing Services Now we provide 100% financing with zero down payment and monthly payments as low as $89 for a new roof or even options with no Money Down, No Payments for 2 full years and 0% Interest. These options are great when money is not available to replace your roof now and the insurance won’t cover the cost.

Don’t postpone this and sleep well and safe at night.

Get Pre-approved for a Roofing Loan in 15 minutes or less.


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