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Roof maintenance is an ongoing concern for any homeowner. After all, everyone wants their living space to be safe and secure. Plus, putting off repairs for a long time can often lead to greater damage and increased costs. The roof is one part of your home that you don’t want to ignore. 

Roofing Services Now’s Residential maintenance plans 

Our maintenance plans available for your residential roof start at just $1.37 a day. It will cover your entire roof and it starts with a free roof inspection. During the inspection we will do a 30 point roof diagnose to check for possible roof damage, storm damage, identify potential areas where the roof may leak, exposed fasteners, debris on the roof, hail, and much more. 

After the inspection the customer will receive videos or photos of the inspection pointing out what was found and the course of action. 

If immediate repairs are needed there will be a proposal with the estimate to repair it as well as the proposal for ongoing maintenance. We offer 1 and 5 year roof maintenance plans and cover for cost of materials and labor in case a roof problem arises during the term of the plan.

What Is Included?

These are items the beneficiary of the plan gets every year the plan is active:

  • Roof leaks Repairs 
  • Storm Damage repair not covered by insurance
  • Storm damage repair which cost is below the insurance deductible 
  • Removing debris 
  • Re-Sealing 
  • Fix popped up nails 
  • Replacing missing or damaged shingles.
  • Replacing, repairing damaged attic vents 
  • Replacing, repairing damaged pipe flashings 
  • Repairing rotten wood
  • Priority Assistance to cover roof after a severe storm
  • Preferential discount if a complete re-roof is needed 
  • Removing light tree limbs near the roof
  • Repair, replace leaky skylights 
  • Repair, replace leaky chimney flashing

And much more. 

Why Is the Roof Maintenance So Important?

Although often overlooked, the roof is among the most important parts of the home.

A well-maintained roof should:

  • Protect the home’s interior from the elements, preventing rain, wind, snow and sunlight from getting into the house. This includes not leaking. Water leaks can cause mold and mildew, which if left untreated both look unsightly and can be harmful to health.
  • Prevent debris, such as falling leaves and branches, from entering the home. It should also keep wildlife and intruders out.
  • Be sturdy and stable so that there is no risk of damage or injury from falling pieces. A roof also provides stability and structural integrity to a home.
  • Provide insulation for the building, helping to keep the inside warm during colder seasons and helping to keep the interior cool during the hot summers. A well-insulated home has an impact on energy consumption too, meaning that a good roof can help you to save money on your utility bills.
  • Look nice. An aesthetically pleasing roof makes a property look more attractive and can improve the curbside appeal if you’re looking to sell your home.
  • Enhance the value of your property.

Common Roof Problems

Over time, roofs can suffer from wear and tear. They can become damaged by the weather and falling debris. They may need fixing if they weren’t correctly fitted when the house was built. There are several reasons why you may need roof repairs, including:

  • Roof leaks. Water can enter the home through a broken shingle, slate or tile, cracks in the flashing and other weakened spots. You may notice water dripping through the ceiling, discolored patches from water damage, mold or mildew.
  • Pooling water. If the roof design is such that water can collect in a puddle on the roof, this can cause problems. This is a particularly common problem for homes with flat roofs.
  • Holes in the roof. Holes can be caused by many factors, including birds, rodents, tree branches, and people walking across the roof. Even if you haven’t noticed any leaking, holes can allow moisture to pass through, which can lead to the rotting of wooden beams and joists.
  • Uneven tiles or shingles. Exterior parts of the roof can lift, causing gaps and instability. This may be caused by snow and ice melting and refreezing. Shingles can also blister when there is insufficient ventilation, which can also lead to infestations of rodents and insects. Storms can dislodge tiles or shingles, sometimes ripping them right away.
  • Clogged gutters. When water cannot drain away correctly from the roof it can gather and seep into the eaves. As well as potentially leading to rot, water often stagnates, which can attract mosquitoes, smell bad and be a health hazard. 
  • Tree limb Damage. When tree limbs grow long and free to the point that they reach the roof it is just a matter of weeks or months for it to cause roof damage. This is especially true for composition shingle roofs. Limbs will rub against the roof causing shingles to torn apart as well as the Underlayment underneath them. When that happens the roof deck ends up exposed to rain and it will rot. Failure to attend the problem quickly may result in holes to the roof due to too much rotting. 
  • Hail Storms. Specially in Texas they are more and more common occurrence now. Hail storms will dent your metal, shingle and flat roof. Tile roofs may present damage as well after a storm. Depending on your homeowners insurance policy this may be covered in it. Hail damage in most cases results in the need for a brand new roof. Failure to replace a roof after a hail storm will only accelerate its damage rapidly over the next few months. This may cause leaks, damage to wood and interior if not addressed timely.

How Often Should I Have My Roof Checked?

We recommend having your roof inspected twice a year but once a year is still within reasonable time. Do not wait for leaks to happen. Leaks are a sign of a problem that has started usually weeks or months ago. Leaks and major roof repair expenses can definitely be avoided with proper roof maintenance.

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends having your roof checked every six months; once in the spring and once in the fall.

If you  own a home or commercial property, and live in the San Antonio area, Bexar County or cities nearby contact Roofing Services Now for a roof diagnosis.

Our team of expert roofing consultants will come out to your home or business and offer you a well documented assessment of your roof and a roof maintenance plan you can rely on. 

At Roofing Services Now our top goal is your safety and complete satisfaction. We do that by treating your project like it were for our own home. 

For a quote or free consultation contact us today. (210) 988-0188
1777 NE Interstate 410 Loop Suite 600, San Antonio TX 78217 


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