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We guarantee our repairs are done right the first time. Utilizing superior techniques and  materials, we administer repairs that stand up against the test of time.

We fix roof problems the first time.

Our roofing repair services are guaranteed to be done right the first time. We use trade techniques necessary to achieve superior results that stand the test of time.

Worried about repair costs that might be creeping up on you? Don’t be! We have you covered! Roofing Services Now extends financing options to all homeowners for repairs in excess of $1000.

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We stand behind all of our roofing repairs by providing a 5-Year limited warranty for labor and materials.

Leak Detection Services

In our field, we have experienced many cases where a homeowner overlooks a missing shingle that materializes into a bigger problem due to exposure to the elements. The majority of these cases are due to lack of visibility to damage areas, deteoriation around vent stacks/roof jacks or missing shingles.

We offer multi-point leak detection services and annual routine roof inspection services. Neglecting these routine maintenance inspections can lead to large-scale leaks, rot and deterioration of roofing structure. These repairs may not be covered under your current homeowner policy and could incur large out-of-pocket expenses later down the road.

Don’t wait. Contact us today for a leak detection inspection or an annual roofing tune-up to avoid those costly repairs down the road.


Repair Services At A Glance

  • Replace and match missing shingles
  • Replace and match broken shingles
  • Replace loose/broken/missing attic vents
  • Replace rotating turbines
  • Satellite Dish Removal with shingle replacement
  • Nail hole sealing
  • Ugly shingle repair done previously
  • Roof Jacks (broken/missing)
  • Drip Edge missing/twisted 
  • Chimney Flashing Repair
  • Chimney cover or pan replacement
  • Skylight leak and flashing repair
  • Re-seal vents, roof jacks
  • Re-Seal needed areas
  • Ridge Vent (replacement, repair, installation)
  • Missing Ridge Cap shingles
  • All Fascia and soffit repairs
  • Replace plumbing boot
  • Re-Paint plumbing boots
  • Re-Paint attic vents
  • Re-Paint Turbines
  • Repair damaged decking
Roof leak repairs done by in Portland TX
Roof leak repairs: mismatching shingles
Roof leak repair needed in this home. Lack of underlayment.
roof jack replaced in San Antonio by and the roof leak repairs department

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