Roof Financing Guide: How to Replace Your Roof Through a Payment Plan

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A complete guide on how to replace your roof or do other home improvements with a payment plan. Roofing Services Now is one of the few roofing companies that offer roof financing.

When you are looking to do home improvements but need alternative options to fund your project, roof financing or home improvements financing can offer you the solution you are looking for. Roofing companies that offer roof financing use third-party finance lending institutions to provide the funding for the customer. In other words, the financing is not an “in-house” type and is not funded directly by the roofing companies. 


We Finance Our Cars and Homes. Why not finance a roof?

We all finance our cars, houses, and other big-ticket items. Most people wouldn’t wait until they save $300,000 to buy house cash or $40,000 to buy a car. 

However, when it comes to preserving your home some people would not take advantage of financing to do necessary repairs as soon as possible. Waiting years with a deteriorated roof, hoping a storm hits your roof so that the insurance company pays for it, is not a smart strategy. No one knows if a storm will hit or when, if ever. Meanwhile, the roof keeps deteriorating. Kicking the can down the road for years will only put your safety at risk, without mentioning all the money that could be wasted on small repairs over the years. 


Roof Financing to Replace Your Roof

At Roofing Services Now we have been offering easy financing options (roof replacement payment plan) for years. As a matter of fact, we are one of only a handful of roofing companies that started offering roof financing in South Texas years ago. 

But not all roof financing options are convenient or fit your needs. Let’s look today at some of the things you need to know when looking for a roof payment plan. After you read this, you will be well informed and prepared to make a decision about financing your roof. And if you are ready you could also apply and get a credit decision today. 


Projects you can finance today with our financing options

    • Roof Replacement
    • Shingle or metal roof installation 
    • Roof repairs 
    • Home painting 
    • Gutter installs 
    • Siding repair or replacement 

Whether you need one or more of the above services we can wrap them all into one loan and one simple monthly payment.

Roof Financing


4 Top Reasons why people choose to finance a roof replacement


1. My Roof needs to be replaced but I don’t have the funds now.

This is a great reason to consider roof payment plans if you don’t have the cash now.  Perhaps you are wasting lots of money in leak repairs or other types of roof repairs or worrying every time it rains. Does this sound familiar ? At Roofing Services Now we recommend that you stop wasting the money often doing repairs or patching a roof.. Using financing You can get it replaced as soon as possible and pay nothing for weeks or even years depending on the plan you choose. 

2. My insurance deductible is too high

Perhaps you filed a claim with your insurance to replace your roof due to storm damage, but your deductible is so high that you didn’t get too much money or no money at all from them. You want to consider roof financing as one of the top options and get your roof back to pre-storm conditions.

3. I’m uninsured or my insurance company would not renew my policy without a new roof

In some cases when a homeowner does not have a home insurance policy in place  and wants to purchase one, the insurance company may send someone out to check the condition of your home before extending coverage. If a roof is not in good shape they may require you to replace it first.

A similar situation could happen if your home is currently insured but your roof or home are deteriorating. In these cases, the insurance company may require or force you to have your roof replaced, paint the home, fix the siding, do roof repairs and more. Roof Financing is also a great option in these types of situations because it will help you comply with your insurance required repairs but pay nothing now.

 4. If Cash is king and preserving it is your priority

Some people have the cash on hand to pay in full for their roof replacement or other projects but prefer to have that cash saved in case of emergency. Let’s be honest, cash is king and nothing beats having some good cash cushion on the side. Opting for roof financing can be a great idea in these kinds of situations so that you can get that roof replaced now, and pay slowly over time without depleting your savings.


Top 2 places where to find roof financing


1. Our Roof Financing

Roofing Services Now offers a variety of loan options for homeowners looking to replace their roofs. We work with great financial companies which provide specialized financing for home improvements that provide these types of specific loans to consumers in an easy, fast, and painless way. Your credit is run only once, it’s 100% confidential, done online, and in minutes. We will explain more below about how easy it is, and the steps to follow. 

2. Banks and credit unions. Another option for roof financing.

If you already have an established relationship with a bank or credit union they may be able to provide financing through a home equity line of credit or home loan refinance. These types of loans use your home as collateral. Another option could be home improvement loans or construction loans. Ask your banking provider about their loan programs for a roof replacement. The process may be more tedious, take longer and require lots of paperwork. Their process may also have more strict qualification guidelines.

Aside from these options there are others you may want to consider. This reputable website can also serve as a guide today.


4 Pros and cons of our financing vs your bank’s



Yes, you read that right. Even if it sounds too good to be true. Our financing takes 15 to 30 mins on average to get a credit decision. We will send you the loan application by email. The process will require you to enter your personal and financial information on the lender’s website. This usually takes no longer than 5 minutes. After that, the lender will internally review your information such as credit score, credit history, income, debt, how much you own in your mortgage and determine your eligibility in minutes. You will then receive the credit decision either through us or them directly. Banks on the other hand may take days to decide if they give you a loan or not 



Because of how fast the approval is using our partner’s financing, you can literally plan your roofing project the same day after the approval. We can schedule this for you as soon as possible. With a bank loan, it may take days for this step to complete. 



A regular bank may require a lot of documents and paperwork to verify things. If you are patient and have the time to gather lots of stuff this may not be a problem. However, our financial lenders require little and in most cases no paperwork at all. Most of the time they will base their credit decision on the questions you answered on the application. In most cases the only paperwork they might require is a copy of your state ID or Driver’s License. 



A regular bank may be able to offer more favorable rates in some cases depending on your credit history and other risk factors. On the other hand may be higher in some cases,  The most common one is 9% fixed APR

Our rates our unbeatable

We  provide other options as low as 5%APR. In addition to that we offer an unbeatable loan option with 0% interest, $0 payments for up to 24 months (same as cash). In other words, you will have up to 2 full years to pay for your roof at the same price you would’ve paid two years ago.


Additional benefits to consider with the roof financing we offer

  • No prepayment penalty

Paying your loan sooner than the term you signed up for has many benefits. The sooner you pay it off the more you save on interest 

  • No down payment

99% of our clients have qualified without paying a down payment. However, putting a down payment reduces your loan amount, the interest you will pay over time and may qualify you more easily because the risk for the financial company is lesser. 

  • Loan Amounts

Loan amounts range from as low as $500 and as high as $100,000

  • Flexible Plans that fit your budget.

Whether you are looking for a plan with a fixed monthly payment and fixed interest rate or no payments and no interest for months or years we have options.  Rest assured that when you contact us about financing we will offer you a wide range of options and without a doubt we will have the plan that really fits your situation. We don’t have one size fits all approach.

  • No Payments for up to 45 days

When you choose from one of the plans with monthly payments, you don’t have to worry about payments immediately. The first payment will be due within 30-45 days after the roof is completed. (not after the loan is approved). In other words if you get approved for your loan today but your roof is installed within two weeks from today, your first payment will become due 30-45 days after your roof is replaced.

  • Get a credit decision in 15 minutes.

Why wait days or weeks for a bank’s loan approval and lots of paperwork ? With our financing it is a simple as filling out the credit application in the comfort of your home. The credit decision is then issued in less than 5 minutes and your project planning can start as soon as you get approved.

  • Options for bad credit

Have bad credit? No problem. If you are the main owner of the home our financial lenders allow you to use another person as a co-applicant to get approved. This co-applicant does not need to be related to you or the title but must have better credit. In some cases if your credit is weak or have high debt ratios you can strengthen your application by paying a down payment.


Alternative ways if you can’t qualify for a loan or don’t have the cash on hand for your Home Improvements.

We understand that for some people there are really few or no options left at all. For instance. Do you have cash on hand, can you apply for financing ?  If all else fails and you still need to have your roof replaced or home improvements done, check how Roofing Services Now has come up with other creative ways to help


Ready to Apply For Financing ?

Follow these 3 easy steps now.

  1. Contact us: by phone at (210) 988-0188 or online at RoofingServicesNow.Com to request a free roof replacement estimate. Make sure to mention you are looking for roof financing. 
  1. Apply: Roofing Services Now will determine the cost of your roof, how much your monthly payments will be and send you the loan application by email for you to complete and submit. 
  1. Get it Built: After submitting your application, you will receive the credit decision within 5 mins by phone. If approved, Roofing Services Now will send you our roof proposal in writing, so that you can choose colors, and materials and schedule the day for your roof replacement.


General Requirements to obtain this roof financing.

A decent credit score of 650 points or higher is recommended. Other requirements may include being employed with a decent income, not too many expenses and owning the home where the repairs will be completed. When the credit is poor, a co-applicant can be used to improve the chances of getting approved. Thankfully the co-applicant does not necessarily have to live in the same residence or be related to the main applicant.


Apply Now

Don’t postpone your roof replacement any more. Apply today and get your roof replaced as soon as possible with Roofing Services Now.

Roofing Services Now offers shingle and metal roof replacement services with payment plans in all of the areas we service. San Antonio, Texas, Bexar County, The Texas Hill Country, Austin greater area, The Texas gulf coast, and all of South Texas.

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San Antonio TX 78217 
(210) 988-0188


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