4 Most Unconventional Ways to Pay for your New Roof or Home Improvements

At Roofing Services Now we are always finding new, innovative, and creative ways to help our customers. Today, we are going to dive into non-traditional ways to pay for your new roof or home improvements. At the time of writing No other company in the US that we know of offers these options to homeowners. 

When it comes to replacing your home’s roof or other home improvements, these are some of the most traditional ways customers can use to pay: 

  • Applying for financing, loans
  • Paying out of pocket (cash, savings)
  • Paying through an insurance claim
  • Paying with a credit card (may incur in processing fees)

Roofing Services Now offers roofing financing, also known as roof payment plans, through the lending institutions we work with. However, not all people have the creditworthiness necessary to get approved for financing. 

Some customers need a new roof but cannot qualify for financing

We have had customers who need a new roof but have complicated financial situations such as no savings, no job, not enough income, or people that can’t access their funds for different reasons. 

A person who is unable to get a loan, unable to come up with cash and does not have another source of income may find it almost impossible to find a roofing company that will be able to help them. We have found these types of customers several times in the past and decided to figure out a way to help them. Although we are not a bank or a charity that can provide free roofs for people, there are some ways in which we can help. 


These are the 4 Most Unconventional Ways to Pay for your New Roof or Home Improvements


Roofing Services Now is the first US roofing company that accepts crypto payments for roofing services. We have accepted crypto since March 2020. This can help some customers who have all of their savings in cryptocurrency but can’t convert them to cash due to tax, legal or other reasons outside their control. We provide these customers an easy way to send their payments using their digital wallets. We don’t ask for any paperwork and the process is as easy as asking for our wallet address and sending your crypto payment in seconds. We accept Bitcoin and most alt-coins such as Ethereum, Cardano, XRP, DogeCoin, USDC, Tether, DOT, and many more. We think crypto is here to stay and it may become the money of the future. We are early adopters of this technology and we are so proud of it. 



How does this work:

Roofing Services Now will provide a free estimate to determine today’s price for the roof. The homeowner in this case will be required to provide a down payment according to his or her possibilities. The remaining balance will continue to be paid on a monthly basis until the price of the total payments have reached about 50-60% of the cost of the job. Once the customer has reached that, Roofing Services Now will replace the roof and the customer will continue to make payments for the remainder of the balance until the total cost is paid in full. There might be a finance fee associated with this option. 



This plan consists on having the customer make payments to Roofing Services Now on a monthly basis until the price of the roof has been paid in full.

What is the advantage of this Plan?

With inflation and prices of goods soaring to all time highs constantly, the price of a roof today will likely increase over the course of months. However with this plan We can lock-in the price of your roof when you start making your payments and never pay any increases. On a normal situation our quotes are only good for 30 days and they are subject to change. However, with this plan the price you locked in will not change after it it locked in.

Roofing Prices have skyrocketed by at 40% in some cases. For example a roof that would cost an average of $7500 in 2018 or 2019 has increased to about $10,500 at the time of writing this post.  



If you’d like to replace your roof now and all of the options above don’t seem to be what you need, we can consider the option of the good old bartering. We may accept land, precious metals, vehicles, homes, machinery, furniture, art, and other items of value. We will assess the price of your item vs the price of the project and deal accordingly and fairly. All items for barter must be in good condition, and you must be the legal owner. Although this is a very unconventional way to pay for your roof or home improvements, it is definitely a last resort option when nothing else is available. We will deal fairly and find ways to help you. Ultimately our goal is to provide you with additional options others may not even think of. 


Real Cases of Past Customers

  • In the year 2020, we came across a client who was in this type of situation. She had some 99.99% pure silver eagle coins. She had no good credit and no one to lend money from. She had a very urgent need for a new roof. Without a creative way to pay for a new roof she had no more options. She decided to barter silver coins for a new roof.
  • We also had one customer which had all of his savings in cryptocurrency. He had no job and no good credit. Without that he was not able to get approved for any type of financing.  He had, however, almost $500,000 worth of cryptocurrency which he used part of to pay for roof repairs.


Google review from a real customer who paid for roofing services with cryptocurrency 

AMIRIS B. 2022

“ 10 STARS!

Luis Buitron, the owner personally picked up the phone and came by to quote and repair my roof. He works just like his workers do, which has a charm of its own. Needless to say I called 3 roofers off of a Google Map search, and he was the only one that picked up the phone! Therefore he got my business, and omg am I a happy customer that I ended up with him and his crew. They went so far as to match my roof color so to avoid any HOA harassment upon replacing the damaged shingles. The new repair is seamless it blends right in!!!!!! I’m so impressed and happy 😀

Better yet, I only have so much liquid fiat for home renovations left so it was a nice option to be able to pay his company in crypto with Ethereum (ETH). It saved me from multiple steps to cash it out, as I simply just paid him directly using ETH. He accepts Bitcoin (BTC) too btw 😉

They were also on time. The owner himself is also extremely professional yet still very personable treating me like family (a difficult attitude to balance). But he is such a nice person that I would be honored to become a business associate or even a friend” 

Read this review on google



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