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Roofing Services Now is highly experienced and efficient when it comes to insurance claims. Our proven process puts customers on the winning side of a claim. Our experts will guide customers in the claim process from start to finish.

Our clients consistently receive up to an additional $10,000 more for their claims than they otherwise would have, had they done the entire claim process themselves or used other roofing companies.

This extra money is then invested back into the roof so that they can obtain the best roof in their neighborhood without a doubt. A roof that will be by far better than the competitors or the neighbor’s roof.

Whether you filed your claim already or about to do it, contact us and we will take over so you can get the best roof of your neighborhood.

We understand how frustrating it can be finding a roofer you can trust and that will do thighs right for you. Starting now you can stop stressing because you are in the right place. We have replaced and repaired hundreds of roofs the right way and our customers consistently rate us with an average of 5.0 star ratings online.

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Your roof repair or replacement will be completed turn key, in a timely manner and at an affordable price with the highest quality of labor and materials.

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In Texas when filing a property claim, the customer will be responsible to pay their deductible out of pocket to the contractor executing the work. Failure to do this violates the Texas law HB 2102. Failure to pay a deductible could be consider insurance fraud and may be punishable with Jail and or a fine.

No one is prepared for an unexpected storm and expense. Some people are ok financially but others have high deductibles they can’t afford.

If this is your case do not fret about this. Roofing Services Now has options to help today. Pick up the phone and call. Our representatives will assist you with this. GET DEDUCTIBLE HELP TODAY!


There might still be bad roofing companies or contractor out there that waive or reduce deductibles for homeowners. This will result in corner cutting and a low quality roof. If a customer gets caught doing this, he or she may loose the depreciation money from their claim that they would otherwise have received besides putting themselves on the wrong side of the law with possible consequences. Deductible eaters are the most clear sign of a bad or cheap contractor.


Our roofing experts will quickly come to help after a storm. The best thing to do before you call your insurance company is to have the roof inspected to make sure you have sufficient damage that can warrant a repair or replacement. If you already skipped this step and filed a claim, no problem. We will still help.


If you answer yes to all of this questions you don’t need help from an expert

This and much more is involved in an insurance claim process. We take the stress off of our customers and make it an easy process.
Hailstorms are usually accompanied by high winds which can wreak havoc on any roof. After a hailstorm contact Roofing Services Now and we will carry out a comprehensive roof inspection. Our expertise and knowledge of roofing will find what an untrained eye or an insurance adjuster might overlook.

Most homeowner insurance policies will cover hail and wind damage. If the damage is severe enough, a claim can lead to your roof being entirely re-done. Our experts can advise you regarding whether or not the roof needs to be replaced or repaired and can assess the damage. When fixing or building a roof, we use most reputable products available to assure you that you’re making a solid investment and to reduce the probability of future damage.

Trust us to provide quick and accurate assessments so that you can get the greatest value for your money. Roofing Services Now uses the industry’s top products, providing our clients the best in excellent roofing products, supported by our company guarantee.

After a storm damage Roofing Services Now is your one stop shop for all repairs in your insurance claim

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When is it the best time to get a hail damage inspection?

Hail storms are a seasonal problem in the San Antonio area and Texas, causing damage to siding, roofs and windows. Before you know it, your roof can be ruined by hailstorms! Many homeowners don’t understand how hail can damage a roof.

Hail damage does not result in immediate leaks; it may weaken shingles, shortening the life span of the roof and also rendering it vulnerable to damage. Golf ball size hail can turn a 25 year shingle into a 2 year shingle. A roofs lifespan can be impacted by even a little hail. Roofing Services Now has the knowledge and experience to properly assess the damage.

In addition, we have expertise in claims. These are intricate processes to guarantee you’re happy with the final result and you’re treated fairly. Get in touch with us at 210-988-0188 or complete our handy online form to schedule a free review and estimate.

Our customers can take advantage of our free inspection and consultation. Roofing Services Now will work with your insurance to guarantee that your roof repair or replacement enhances the curb appeal and value of your house and your claim is processed immediately.

Our customers are at ease knowing that Roofing Services Now has their backs. Start in the inside when you assess for hail damage. Instant action is needed if drips or water stains are visible on the ceiling or walls. If these warning signs are not taken care of quickly, it may result in irreversible damage. What should have been a repair can turn in the need for a full roof replacement. The second step is to inspect the outside of the home and hunt for damage to the roofing shingles. Shingle harm is covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies, and should not be ignored.