Average Cost of Roof Replacement in San Antonio, Texas

Average Cost of Roof Replacement in San Antonio, Texas

If you are in the market for a roof replacement in San Antonio, Texas you might be curious to find out how much you would be looking to pay for a new roof. In this article, we’ll discover the average cost of roof replacement or installing a new roof in San Antonio, Texas.

How much does a roof replacement cost in San Antonio, Texas?

On average a replacement of a shingle roof in San Antonio, Texas, and Bexar County costs $10,000. This represents about a 15% increase compared to the beginning of 2021. A metal roof on the other hand can cost an average of $23,500 

These figures provide just a general idea. For a precise and custom quote, we always encourage homeowners to request a Free Estimate.

If you are in the market for this and would like to know how much a roof cost in San Antonio Texas, here are some of the most common factors that roofing companies will check for to determine their price. 

Roof Pitch

This indicates how steep the roof is. The steeper the roof, the more additional charges you may be expected to pay because it will increase the likelihood of accidents, falls, difficulty, insurance liability, and better worker’s skills, to name a few. 

The less steep, the easier the job will go. Roof pitch also determines what kind of materials are best suited for the roof. For example, building codes require that a roof with a pitch up to 2/12 (flat roof) cannot use shingles but a different type of material called modified bitumen. 

Roof pitches from 2/12 up to 4/12 can use shingles but need a double (staggered) roof underlayment. This double underlayment or modified bitumen factor will add hundreds of dollars more to the price. 

Single Story vs Double Story Homes

Re-Roofing a single-story home or property will be less costly than a double-story roof. Single-story homes are less dangerous and less fatal for the crews in case of a fall. They require less work in cases for example where the crew needs to take materials or tools up or down the roof. 

Double-story homes in some cases may require the use of harnesses which increases the safety of the crew but it makes their work harder. Wearing harnesses does make it harder to work due to having to constantly get the ropes out of the way or getting them untangled. 

Roof Size

In the roofing world, the size of a roof is expressed in “squares”.  A square is an area of 10’ x 10’. Common misconception homeowners have is that they think that providing the square footage of their home it can be used to determine the square footage of the roof. But these are two totally different things. 

The living space of a home is a flat surface or square footage. The surface of a roof is a tridimensional formula that is calculated in a totally different way. It has length, width, and height. It also requires adding another factor called waste. More on that later.

In order to determine the roof size it can only be done by measuring the roof either in person or using roof measuring software. Both of these methods are highly accurate. A ballpark calculation eyeballing the roof is an inaccurate way of determining its size. 


Are you looking to replace your roof with regular composition shingles, metal, modified bitumen, TPO, or tile?

Did you know there are different subtypes of materials within the ones mentioned above?  

ie: Shingle roofs can be replaced with regular 3 tab shingles, dimensional shingles, and premium dimensional. Metal roofs can be installed using different types of metal thicknesses, painted metal, unpainted metal (galvalume), exposed fasteners, hidden fasteners, etc. 

All of these options are important factors that determine how much a roofer will spend on materials for your roof and will therefore impact how much you will pay for your project. 

Material prices are largely determined by demand and supply. During the Covid pandemic, the prices of materials skyrocketed to unprecedented highs as a result of transportation issues, lack of workers, and increased demand. Unfortunately, these prices as of the time of writing have not stabilized but on the contrary, they keep creeping up every month. 

Your Location

Are you located near the main city or a small town in the middle of nowhere? The distance to your place may also be a factor to consider. 

Company’s Overhead

This is a big factor in the price. A company with huge overhead costs will need to hike its prices more than a company with less or small overhead. 

A company with billboards all over the city is usually perceived by customers as the best. However, this is far from true. Having many billboards or lots of advertising means that the company has enough capital to spend on expensive advertising and is willing to take that risk. On the other hand, that money must be recovered back in one way or another.

The most common way to recover this money is by increasing their prices compared to other competitors and using their billboards as a sales pitch to make customers think they should pay higher prices because they are everywhere. 

High overhead can also happen with a company that has large shops, lots of advertising, and lots of work trucks among other things. Large companies don’t always provide the best service as their control over the quality of service their employees provide can diminish. Being a large roofing company is not a guarantee for the customer to receive the best quality or best service. Often small mom-and-pop, highly reputable companies can provide just as high job quality if not better and their customer service could even be unmatched and very personalized. 

Knowing when a roofing company has high or low overhead is hard for a customer to find out. For that reason, it is recommended that customers get two or three estimates to compare not only the price but the quality of materials, the reputation of the companies, chemistry with the roofer, references, and more. 

Check these tips To learn more on how to find the best roofer for your project. 

Material Waste Factor

The waste factor is in essence how many extra materials are needed to account for in the project. All roofing jobs have a percentage of materials that will be wasted during the job due to the nature of it. The amount of this waste is determined by the shape of your roof and the type of material that will be installed. The minimum waste percentage for any roof regardless of any other factors is 10% and up to 30% in some cases. All roofers know the exact amount of waste that needs to be added to a roof. You will never see this item on the breakdown of your proposal as it is built into the total price. 

Other Additional Factors

Other additional factors to determine how much does a roof cost in San Antonio Texas are:

  • Does chimney flashing need replacing or not will be replaced or not
  • Does Wall flashing need replacing or not.
  • Is there rotten wood present that need repair?
  • Are you paying with credit cards or financing? This can make you incur in financing charges in addition to the price.



The best and only way a homeowner can find out the true cost of a roof in San Antonio Texas and any other city in the US is by requesting a free roof estimate from reputable companies. 

Customers will be required to provide their address of the property for this purpose and the company will work putting together all of the factors mentioned above to determine the price. On average a roof estimate should be provided within 72 hours max. unless the project is large. 


Start your quote now and find out what the true cost of replacing your roof is today. We provide free estimates within 24 – 72 hours

Contact Roofing Services Now today and schedule a free inspection or Estimate to replace your roof. We are a top-rated roofing company that builds tough shingles and metal roofs in San Antonio and south Texas. 

A free consultation over the phone can start you in the right direction for your project. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated roofing company with low overhead and great customer satisfaction.

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