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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that storms in Texas can get wild. We might not get any rain for months, or we might get a downpour of ball-sized hail — there’s no predicting what comes next. What you can predict is help from your favorite local commercial roof restoration company!

Roofing Services Now is fully committed to our customers. We know that there’s more to restoring your storm-damaged roof than the technical skills. That’s why we’ve mastered the insurance claims process, winning our customers thousands of dollars after storm damage that they can use to repair or replace their commercial roofs. If you have storm damage to your business’s roof and need to submit a claim, let our team guide you through this process!


The Danger Of Storms To Your Commercial Roof

High winds and hail can cause punctures, holes, missing materials and leaks in your roof. If left unaddressed, these minor repairs can become severe repairs that increase deterioration of the roof as a whole. As a result, this deterioration could be destructive to the integrity of your business’s roof.

Besides the obvious holes and missing roof materials, how can high winds and hail affect your business’s roof? One of the most important parts of your commercial roof is the roof membrane. While the outer layer of your roof — like asphalt shingles or metal sheets — plays a large role in protecting your building, the membrane is highly important to preventing moisture.

The roof membrane is a thin sheet of material that can be sealed to your roof directly, ensuring that water and moisture don’t enter your business. Continued exposure to severe storms, hail and other weather can wear away at this membrane. If tears or weakness form in the membrane, water can leak in and mold can even grow.


Roof Restoration Insurance Claims

It’s not often that you’ll find a roofing team that will sit down with you and guide you through your insurance claim. We’re your friends and neighbors in this community, so we treat your commercial roof restoration like we would our own — with care and respect. We always clean up after any roofing project, leaving your home as spotless as we found it. We never treat your roof like just another job — we make a point to ensure your roof is the best in the area.


We Restore Your Roof. And Your Trust.

When your home is damaged by a weather event, you don’t need to handle the aftermath alone. Roofing Services Now supports your business and your roof health. Let us show you the customer service and commercial roof restoration you deserve. Contact us today to speak with a friendly representative or to start your service request!