Choosing The Best Roofing Company Near Me

choosing best roofing company near me

At Roofing Services Now we always provide fresh content that is useful for all homeowners. “The best roofing company near me” Google feature used to be very underutilized in the past. But now it has become more and more frequently used by people. Therefore at Roofing Services Now we wanted to participate in the conversation about this topic.


What is this feature and how does it work

When searching for a roofing company in your area on a search engine, there are several ways you can use Google to find them. The first question is: how near do you want the company to be from you. If you are looking for a hyper-local company around you rather than across the whole city then you can use the “best roofing company near me” feature on Google. This feature of course works with any other types of business, not just roofing.

How this works is by typing this phrase In the Google search box, Google will display what it believes to be the best roofing companies near your city. This works best of course if your location feature is set to on your mobile device or computer.

This feature also works in your mobile device’s map app. In this case, you don’t need to type the word “best Roofing company near me” as the map section is usually set to do this by default. Check that the location settings for your map app is turned on.

Search Tips – Be Specific

When searching on Google for a roofer, it helps be as specific as possible. For example if you are looking for a roofer in your city or town you can use those keywords. ie: best roofing companies in San Antonio, best roofing companies in Boerne TX, etc.

If you are looking for a roofer that does metal roofs you can search as “metal roofs San Antonio” or “best metal roofing company near me”

If you have a flat roof or commercial building you may search for “flat roof repair”

A house or building with tile or clay roofs will need a specialized roofer. You may search as “tile roof repair San Antonio”

Searching for the right keywords will pair you with the closest match you need and will save you time.

Moving on.. let’s go back to the main topic. Using the near me feature on Google search.

best roofing company near me

Here’s at a glance what your Google search results will look like:

  1. Google guaranteed section in yellow
  2. Paid ads section in red
  3. Maps section in blue
  4. The organic section in green

google search result


The Google Guaranteed Section

This is a section that always appears at the top of the screen. The roofing companies that appear here have applied to be displayed there and will pay Google a fee every time a customer calls these companies. This feature will show you the companies closest to your location but it does not mean they are the best. They appear in this section using a rotational approach. They will be rotated at different times of the day to allow other companies to have the same chances of being seen by customers.

Google Guaranteed

The Paid Ads Section

In this section, you will find companies that are most likely spending a ton of money in advertising to appear there. They have to compete with others and this raises the amount of money they pay for keywords. Keywords are the words used by people when they search online. Roofing-related keywords are some of the most expensive ones on search engines. Every time a potential customer or any person clicks or contacts a company from this section it will cost the company between $60-$250 per click. Most of the times many not serious people will click or that are simply window shopping without serious intent to buy. For that reason, it may require several clicks and several hundreds of dollars for a company to land a serious customer. However, with Google being the largest and most used search engine, it continues to be the best way to advertise despite the high cost. When you use the term “best roofing company near me” this section will display paid ads from companies that are not located necessarily near you but have paid Google to show their ad in your area. However, they may be located on the other side of town, or in other cities.

paid ads section - roofing company near me

The Maps Section (Perhaps The Best)

This is a very accurate search result that will show companies based on their address. This will also show them at a very hyper-local level. Companies don’t pay to be shown in this section but they appear here based on how many reviews they have, how much content they put out and other factors that will not explain here as they have to do with Google algorithms. When you find this section you can be sure that these companies are the closest to you at least based on the address they register on Google. Now all you need to do is look for the ones with the best reviews. Don’t go for the top three that appeared. As that is not necessarily an indicator that they are the best. To find the best, scroll down and select two or three with a 5-star perfect rating. Read their reviews, check their website and information and contact them. You can also use the “open now” feature and the map section will display the closest ones to you that are currently open. Use the “top rated” feature to see which ones have the most number of reviews and/or the highest scores.

For Example: if we use two types of companies to compare.

  • Company A has 300 reviews but less than 5-star score, this means that this is a company that has served a lot of clients but their service is not impeccable. The lower the score the worse the customer experience they have provided to past customers. It is true that there are people out there that are quick to damage the reputation of a company even due to a simple issue but a company that is focused on high level of customer care should not have these types of things happen to them under any circumstance. As a high level of customer care is able to take care of most problems to make sure customers are happy. This reputation can also be damaged by companies growing so large that have salespeople or employees not providing service at the level the owner of the business would. Employees sometimes come and go and do not care for the business as much, since they don’t own it.
  • Company B on the other hand has 40 reviews but they’re all 5 stars. This speaks volumes of this business because it is very hard to maintain a perfect 5 star score. This requires a lot of attention to detail, maximum customer satisfaction and service, and a better way of handling issues for clients. Read their reviews and make sure people aren’t giving them perfect scores because of low prices. That is not a good thing either. The great rating should be as a result of their great service mostly.

In the map section, you will find a great source of trusted near you companies with real reviews. It is your job as a consumer to dig in more before you pick up the phone to call them. Based on our experience throughout the years and our knowledge of the search engines we believe the map section is the most reliable, honest way to find roofers that are closer to you and with real non-paid rankings.

Google Maps Section

The Organic Listing Section

This is the last section of the Google search. It will be below the other ones usually. In this section, the companies may not be as hyper local as you would want. They aren’t necessarily the best either. To be in this section there is a combination of at least two main factors. First, is the large investment of time and money required to be here. To appear here a company must work hand in hand with their marketing team for weeks or months to achieve this goal. And the second aspect to show here is that potential customers are seeing this page often or are noticing this company often resulting in a higher number of clicks. The more clicks the longer this company will stay there. Google likes to see that a company is being trusted and rewards them by keeping them here. Although companies don’t pay for clicks here per se, but, they spend thousands of dollars monthly to keep their spot in this section. This however does mean they are bad companies or that you should not trust them. As always, do your research and compare options.


Google Search Sections at a Glance (Recap for Finding The Best Roofing Company Near Me).

We think based on our research that these are the best to worst ways to find the best roofing companies near your location.

  1. Google guaranteed section in yellow (good)
  2. Paid ads section in red (worst)
  3. Maps section in blue (the best way for hyperlocal)
  4. The organic section in green (ok)

Thanks for reading this far and staying engaged. If you have any questions about roofing or need help don’t hesitate to contact us during our normal business hours.

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