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Insurance restoration services is part of what roofing services Now does for customers in all of South Texas.


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Click H E R E to fill out our emergency contact form and give us as much details as possible about the problem with the roof or home. You may also call us at the numbers above. Our insurance restoration services will hold your hand from start to finish.

Insurance restoration services include a Free 30 point roof inspection by roofing Services Now .Com


Roofing Services Now will do a thorough inspection to your home, business or commercial property to assess the extent of the damage and give you a written report with photos that you can use to submit to your insurance company. After that inspection you can decide if you are ready to work with us but we will never force you. We prefer to educate and inform because our goal is to earn your respect by showing our sincere desire to help you. As part of our STRESS – FREE guarantee this inspection will give you all the tools you need to file a claim.

Our 30 Point Inspection checks for damage to the following items:

  • Window beading
  • Window Glass
  • Siding
  • Fence Damage
  • Personal Property (BBQ Pit, detached Sheds, Equipment, tools, etc)
  • Debris or Trees that need disposal
  • Fascia and soffit
  • Interior damage to ceiling, walls, floors etc
  • Roofing Materials and accessories
  • Roof Decking
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Access Doors
  • Garage Doors
insurance restoration services requires prompt roof repairs by roofing services now .com


As part of our STRESS – FREE guarantee may perform temporary repairs if the property needs it and if the owner authorizes them. This is usually done right after performing our initial inspection. The advantage of that is that this will prevent further damage to the property. The type of repairs could include for example putting tarps on the damaged roof to avoid more leaks that could damage other parts of the property. These repairs are usually at no charge to the property owner because the insurance company reimburses us for this service but in some cases even if they don’t pay us we will protect your home and your family at no charge if you decide to work with us.

insurance claim and insurance restoration services experts at roofing services now


During our initial visit our insurance restoration services experts provide a detailed inspection of the damage to the property. Now is the time you, the property owner must immediately file a claim by calling your insurance company. We would love to do this for you but legally we cannot because you are the policy owner. The reason we said immediately is because the longer you take to file the longer it will take for the insurance company to handle it due to the large number of people calling after a disaster.

Whether you had already filed a claim before we met you or not this is a very important step where you will get a Claim Number. Also your insurance will notify you what day your adjuster will meet you to inspect the house and approve the claim. The STRESS – FREE guarantee of our company in part means that we will be there to meet with you adjuster when he shows up. You can notify us about the time and date and you can also give them our contact info to let us know in case they have a hard time arriving on the scheduled time.

Roofing services now meets with you adjuster to discuss about the insurance restoration services of your property


When you call the insurance company to file the claim they will provide a date and time when your adjuster will show up to inspect the same points we inspected. If you provided this date and time for us we will be there to represent you. Adjusters are humans and make mistakes sometimes during the inspection but they always leave their contact info and encourage the roofing company and homeowner to call if some things were missed in order to add them to the payout  The more eyes inspecting the property the better. The better the claim the more money you receive and the better you repair your house.

Our agent assigned to your case will meet the adjuster as a courtesy and most of the times results in a better claim for the customer. When we meet them our policy is to let them do their job without interfering unless a big mistake about the inspection is being made.

Our assessment of damage as part of our insurance restoration process is always based on the most up to date Construction codes outlined by the IRC (International Residential Code) which is how your city, county and state require it.

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Once the insurance claim has been approved a Good-to-Go signal is given. We will meet you to go over the details about the project. Our STRESS – FREE guarantee takes the whole project in our hands to handle it for you. In this step we will do the following:

  • Review colors, type of materials, and design
  • Determine timelines and dates for material delivery, day for project and general details
  • Review complete scope of work.
  • We will take care of needed permits, materials, labor, project management, clean up after work, contacting your adjuster during and after the project, documenting the work from start to finish with photos, collecting payments, and your only job is to pay us, protect your personal property on the day of build to avoid damage and sign any needed documents.
insurance restoration services in a roofing project development by roofing crew


DELIVERING MATERIALS:  We will notify you about the date and approximate time of delivery of the materials days in advance.  This delivery is usually done a few days before the roofing project starts.

MATERIALS DROP DAY:  We will make sure this day that all materials are dropped off, are complete as ordered and are safe in that location.

THE BIG DAY: This is the day when we will build the project.  A regular roofing project usually takes 1 day to complete but it could take as much as 2 depending on the complexity. Our main goal is to get the roof done first and if other projects are needed such as gutters, drywall repair, fences etc. it will be scheduled for another day usually. Our process for building a roof on the day is being built usually has the following steps.

  • Arrive early around 7:30 AM
  • Collect first check before we start
  • Preparing the area.
  • Protecting plants, bushes, A/C unit
  • Parking trailer on the driveway
  • Removal of old roof
  • Inspect for rotten wood and other anomalies
  • Take pictures during the installation
  • Installation of new roof
  • Managing the project by our agent on site
  • Completion of the project
  • Clean up around the property and blowing debris off
  • Take Final pictures
  • Departure
the final job inspection is part of our insurance restoration services


This is an important step in our STRESS – FREE guarantee. After the roof and projects have been completed we will do our signature 20 point final inspection. We are committed to quality and we will provide that in every single project we tackle big or small. For us Quality is not dependent on the job size but on the integrity we practice. When many roofers build a roof and finish they don’t bother making sure the job was done properly because they suppose the property owner doesn’t know if something was done wrong or not. We will build you a roof that will last you and will be here tomorrow to stand behind what we did yesterday.

closing an insurance restoration services claim is exciting for our team at roofing services now .com


After everything is done and full payment was made for the amount of the project we will help you close the claim by issuing the following documents:

  • Copies of Permits
  • Full Workmanship Warranty in writing
  • Shingle Warranty registration on your name and address
  • Final Documents
  • Pictures of Before, During and After the project
  • Thank You Package.

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We take on every aspect involved in the project for you.


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