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Partial and full amount financing available.


No pre-payment penalty. Ever!


Affordable payments from just $89 a month.


Zero Down payment Loans in most Cases


It only takes 10 minutes to apply by phone.


Perfect option when you have high insurance deductibles


Options available with $0 Payments, 0% Interest for 1 year plus Zero Down.


All your roofing and home improvement projects combined in one simple loan.


Perfect Credit Not Needed!

Freequently Asked Questions

When to use roof financing?
  • Roof financing first of all can be used when your insurance deductible is too high, therefore helping you get the roof done today rather than months later.
  • Also, When your insurance didn’t pay enough for repairs
  • When you rather make payments now and save your cash for other needs
  • In some cases, the homeowner is expecting a good amount of cash in a few weeks, months, or even years but the roof needs the repair or replacement now. Certainly our roof financing allows you to get it done now and pay later.
  • WHEN SELLING A HOME: The home inspector, or the buyer requires the roof to be repaired or replaced before closing the transaction. In such cases our roof financing makes sense because you can pay off the loan at closing or from the escrow funds.
Qualification process

Q: How long does the qualification process take?

A: On average, it takes 10 minutes by phone. That’s it!

Q: How do I submit an application for roof financing?

A: When you elect our easy roof financing, we can process financing in one of two ways:

  • In-person financing
  • Over the phone with our financing department

Q: What information will I need when we discuss financing?

A: Our financing department will request information regarding your financial situation, including information such as your social security number, monthly income, additional sources of income, driver’s license info and living expenses (rent/mortgage). Having this information readily available will assist in expediting the qualification process.



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Disclaimer: Our roof Financing is available through Service finance, LLC or any other company we partner  with. Terms and conditions apply. Approval is subject to the customer’s particular situation and is determined solely by Service Finance Company LLC. Payment amounts depend on different factors including but not limited to the project price, terms of the loan or plan picked. For your own specific situation please contact Roofing Services Now.Com or obtain a payment estimate before you apply.

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