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Has your roof been damaged due to severe weather (wind or hail)? We work with homeowners and all insurance companies alike to ensure your roof is repaired in a timely fashion, restoring your roof to a condition better than we found it.

Has your roof been damaged by wind or hail?

Roofing Services Now helps homeowners repair their roofs when Texas weather is at its worst.

We work with ALL insurance companies and take the hassle out of processing and closing  insurance claims so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Our team is ready to respond to your emergency repair request 24/7 and complete most repairs within 1-3 days.


Wind Damage

Hail Damage

Insurance Repair Process

Step 1 - CONTACT

CALL OR TEXT US IMMEDIATELY or CLICK HERE to fill out our contact form and provide as many details regarding your home repair. We will schedule an appointment to perform our FREE roof inspection and in-home consultation. Our team will hold your hand from start to finish and is available to answer any questions you have any time during this process.

STEP 2 - Perform inspection

Roofing Services Now will do a thorough inspection of your home, business or commercial property to assess the extent of the damage. We’ll give you a written report with photos that you can use to submit to your insurance company. As part of our STRESS-FREE guarantee, our 30-point inspection report will give you all the tools you need to file your claim

Our 30 Point Inspection checks for damage to the following items:

  • Window beading
  • Window Glass
  • Siding
  • Fence Damage
  • Personal Property (BBQ Pit, detached Sheds, Equipment, tools, etc)
  • Debris or Trees that need disposal
  • Fascia and soffit
  • Interior damage to ceiling, walls, floors etc
  • Roofing Materials and accessories
  • Roof Decking
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Access Doors
  • Garage Doors

We will never force your hand to work exclusively with Roofing Services Now. Our team is dedicated to earning your trust and respect through education and transparency.

step 3 - perform temporary repairs (if needed)

In an effort to expedite your final repairs, Roofing Services Now might suggest temporary repairs to prevent further exposure to the elements (in extenuating circumstances). This action is usually taken right after performing our initial inspection.

Temporary repairs might include tarp placement or hole obstruction in the event inclement weather is anticipated. Temporary repairs are largely covered by the insurance company as they reimburse us, the roofing restoration organization, for this service. In the event the insurance company does not cover temporary repairs, Roofing Services Now takes a “customer first” approach by absorbing the cost for our customers.

Safety and satisfactory service are more important to us as a company to ensure our customer’s overall well-being.

Step 4 - File insurance claim

During our initial assessment, our insurance restoration services experts will provide a detailed inspection of all damage to the property.

Upon completion of our inspection, the property owner must file a claim immediately with their insurance company with the provided inspection report. As much as our team would love to complete this process for the customer, legally we are unable to as we are not the originating policy owner.

Upon filing a claim, the property owner’s  insurance company will provide thm Claim Number. Also your insurance will notify you what day your adjuster will meet you to inspect the house and approve the claim. When your insurance company provides you with an appointment time for their adjuster to inspect your home, we request that you notify us so that we can be present to provide further insights into your repair. We also recommend that you provide the insurance company with our contact info so we may communicate with them further if need be.

REMINDER: We urge the homeowner to file their claim ASAP as to ensure the their claim is processed as quickly as possible.

step 5 - meeting with the adjuster

When you call the insurance company to file your claim, they will provide a date and time when your adjuster will show up to inspect the damage. If you provide this date and time to our team, we will be there to represent you and our analysis of repairs required.

We believe that the more eyes that are inspecting your property, the better. The more comprehensive the claim, the more money you should receive for reinforcing repairs completed, which can potentially prevent future damages during an inclement event.

When we meet with your insurance adjuster, our policy is to let them do their job without interfering unless a big mistake about the inspection is being made.

Our assessment of your damages during the  insurance restoration process is always based upon the most up-to-date construction codes outlined by the IRC (International Residential Code) which is mandated by your city, county and state.

step 6 - project review

Once the insurance claim has been approved, we will be ready to meet with you about your project details, timeframe expectations and answer any questions you may have.

To alleviate the stresses associated with any repair process, Roofing Services Now will take the control to complete the following:

  • Design the roof, determine type of materials to use.
  • Determine timelines and dates for materials delivery, project start and project end date.
  • Review the complete scope of work.
  • Acquire all necessary permits
  • Provide transparency into details regarding payments and collection of funds
  • Provide all roofing documentation and agreement details to the customer
step 7 - project construction

DELIVERING MATERIALS:  We will notify you about the date and approximate time of delivery of the materials days in advance.  This delivery is usually done a few days before the roofing project starts.

MATERIALS DROP DAY:  We will make sure this day that all materials are dropped off, are complete as ordered and are safe in that location.

THE BIG DAY: This is the day when we will build the project.  A regular roofing project usually takes 1 day to complete but it could take as much as 2 depending on the complexity. Our main goal is to get the roof done first and if other projects are needed such as gutters, drywall repair, fences etc. it will be scheduled for another day usually. Our process for building a roof on the day is being built usually has the following steps.

  • Arrive early around 7:30 AM
  • Collect first check before we start
  • Preparing the area.
  • Protecting plants, bushes, A/C unit
  • Parking trailer on the driveway
  • Removal of old roof
  • Inspect for rotten wood and other anomalies
  • Take pictures during the installation
  • Installation of new roof
  • Managing the project by our agent on site
  • Completion of the project
  • Clean up around the property and blowing debris off
  • Take Final pictures
  • Departure
step 8 - Final Inspection / Quality Check

After the your project has been completed, we will perform our signature 20 point final inspection. We are committed to quality and will scrutinize every aspect of our work.

Quality and efficiency is not predicated upon the size of the job for our team. We have developed a system to ensure the job can be completed expeditiously without sacrificing the integrity of the job at hand, big or small.

We stand behind our customers, our services and the quality of workmanship that goes into every repair.

step 9 - Finalizing claim

Upon the verification of the funded claim, our administrative team will issue the following documents to the client:

  • Copies of Permits
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Shingle Registration for Warranty
  • Final Documents
  • Final Invoice
  • Photos of the job from start to finish.

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